Free Market Road Show 2017: “The World after Brexit and Trump”featured

“May you live in interesting times”, as the old Chinese curse goes. Europe and the rest of the world are definitely going through one of the most interesting periods of political upheaval since the fall of the Berlin wall. We now live in an era where the unthinkable happens, repeatedly. Take Britain’s decision to withdraw

02 Dec 2016

Global Outlook 2017: Russia checklist

by Svyatoslav Kaspe The most interesting topic in Russian politics this year are the presidential elections – regardless of whether they will be held on schedule (March 2018) or moved up to the autumn (a frequently discussed scenario that now appears to have been abandoned). The degree of uncertainty is extremely high, so much so that

23 Jan 2017

Global Outlook 2017: Venezuela

by John Polga-Hecimovich After a tumultuous 2016 in which President Nicolas Maduro appeared on the brink of falling, Venezuela’s government seems to have bought itself more time in power. This is quite a change from midyear, when Mr. Maduro appeared on the verge of exit. However, he has proven to be more astute than his political

20 Jan 2017

Investment Outlook 2017: Part II

by John Charalambakis In last week’s commentary we covered mainly the initial outlook for equities. In today’s post we would like to present an initial outlook for other markets such as bonds, commodities, and foreign exchange. Let’s start with the debt markets and the implications for fixed income instruments such as bonds: – In the

12 Jan 2017
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